Stella Artois - Stella Tips


The clever people at Draftline had a bold and simple campaign, when the pubs re-open Stella will tip £1 to the bar staff for every pint served. A massive idea across all media, with the crown jewel being a grand TV commerical. The TVC idea was to reuse previous spots from their most famous "Reassuringly Expensive" campaign and edit them into a new "Reassuringly Generous" one. A complete re-edit using ads from as far back as 30 years ago; what they didn't have though was one particular shot, the kingpin to the campaign and that's where Redux came in. We rebuilt one of the sets and filmed that single shot where one of the characters is tipping the barman, this was then seemlessly added into the final film.

Client: Stella Artois
Agency: Draftline
Agency creatives: CD Mark Brown, Team: Enrique Reija, Senan Lee
Agency producer: Ramon Ricard
Producer: Lucy Benson-Brown
Director: Ed Salkeld
DOP: Pat Kerrigan-Hall
Art Director: Olivia Clifford
Studio Production: Sean Jackson
Studio: Packshot Factory